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Bromo Blast (900 g) - Sanitizer

Beachcomber’s Bromo Blast is a practical, easy to use powdered bromine sanitizer that prevents the growth of any bacteria and algae in the hot tub.

Available Size: 900g

(Item: 70261)

When to Use Bromo Blast
  • If your bromine level is below 3ppm (Use Bromine Test Strips to check)
  • To maintain your hot tub’s bromine levels between 3-5ppm
  • To raise your hot tub’s bromine levels quickly
  • To aid in clearing cloudy water
  • To shock your hot tub once a week for maintenance purposes
When Not to Use Bromo Blast
  • If you’ve used chlorine tablets or granules without draining the hot tub
  • If your bromine levels are over 8-10ppm

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