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Sunblock Spray For Artificial Flowers and Plants

UV protection spray 500 ml to protect your plants and flowers from UV rays and helps to prevent fading. Here are some of its benefits:

- Helps extend the life of artificial flowers and plants
- Suitable even for fabrics and plastics on your outdoor furniture and cushions
- Safe on polyester and other synthetic fabrics
- Treats approximately 200 square feet
- Surfaces dry in only 2-4 hours
- Recommended frequency of use: 1 time per month

Use instructions:

1. Before using the product, make a test on a non-visible area by applying a small amount of the protector on a white cloth. If no color comes off on the fabric and it does not remove the color from the fabric continue with the instructions below. Spray outside or in a well ventilated area. Do not spray near flame, sparks, hot surfaces.

2. Keep 6 to 12 inches between the sprayer and the surface to be treated. Spray as a fine mist, wetting the surface.

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